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Goodman Heating & Cooling

No matter how hot or cold the outside temperature gets, make sure your home or business stays comfortable with Heating and air conditioning services from Goodman Heating, Cooling, & Insulation. We have everything you need to stay comfortable year round!

If you are need of Furnace or AC repair in St Joseph MO you can trust Goodman Heating and Cooling to be a Goodman for the job!

Make sure you're not throwing money out the window with poor preforming insulation. With cellulose insulation from Goodman Heating, Cooling, & Insulation, you'll help your building prevent air from escaping or coming in.Heat moves is 3 basic ways and always moves form hot to cold.

Convection is when warm air rises and cold air takes its place. People often say heat rises which is not true, it is warm air that rises. Imagine you are standing at a campfire. You see the smoke rising upwards with the warm air and if you kick up the dust just outside of the campfire you see the dust being drawn into the fire. You are watching a visual effect of the convection process.

Radiant is when Heat energy travels through space and air without giving up its heat energy until it strikes a solid object. The darker the object the more heat energy that object will absorb, the lighter the object the more heat energy will be reflected off of that object. Imagine the campfire again and as you are standing there warming yourself, your backside becomes cold. You turn around so that you can warm your backside, then your front side gets cold so you turn around facing the fire again. This is an example of how radiant heat works.

Conduction is when heat moves through objects by conduction, just as electricity moves through a conductor like a wire. Conduction can be slowed by an insulator just like wiring which has insulation on the outside keeps the electricity inside the conductor and prevents the electricity from shocking us. Look around you; do you see both a wood object and a metal object such as a desktop and a metal filing cabinet? Touch the wood object with one hand and touch the metal object with the other hand. Which object is colder? You just picked the metal object, didn't you? If you were to measure the temperature of the both objects they would be the same, but the metal object feels colder because it is a conductor and the wood object feels warmer because it is an insulator.
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